Paris Time

Chanel, Givenchy, mirrors & shabby details…Marche aux Puces. We have to admit we had a very challenging morning towards this marvelous antiques&vintage market, but also a very pleasant surprise when we finally got there.

It wasn’t like an absolutely fabulous fair, with hundreds of people and bustle and hustle, but it was a great experience.

We felt like we stepped into 19th century small village with vintage furniture, details, frames, mirrors, clothes and accesories.

We stopped at almost every Balmain and YSL piece and made a little review about it 🙂

We were in HEAVEN!

 In the left…Dior earrings, in the right…Chanel bags and beautiful classic Givenchy, in front…two shabby chic decorated rooms, in the back… a saleslady of almost 80 years old wearing a very hippie outfit, smoking her pipe like a queen…Such a divine scenery and such a short day for this story of Marche aux Puces.

So girls, if you decide to visit Paris one more time…don’t forget to try the beautiful world of vintage & antiques…

Marche au Puces!





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