Fabulous is the new PRecious

Such a lovely afternoon…garden tea party…floral&leopard patterns…lace&silk…smiles&roses. It started with black tea and biscuits, MonLapinCitron little fair & red apples, with old&new friends, all gathered around a small shabby chic coffee table; and continued with the well already known question…

“And in the end who are you exactly, beside  Diana Enciu&Alina Tanasa?”

For those who still haven’t heard the story short…

“We are PRecious!” – they laughed

“We know you are precious girls, but seriously, who are you exactly?” – they asked again


“We are Fabulous PR&Events. A couple of PRecious – like our business cards say ( PRecious= PR&Communication Manager), with expansive experience in fields like Media, New Media & Fashion; Project Managers of Ab Fab project: Absolutely Fabulous Magazine (www.absolutelyfabulous.ro); Fashion&Vintage Fair,and the creative minds of every fablous project or event the team is in charge of….” – and now we laughed

We have never been good enough to compliment ourselves and our work and this was definitely not a quite comfortable situation. We always let the others to judge the spirit of the Fab Team and the day&brain work and so they did, discovering us in a sunny afternoon in silk&lace, leopard&floral pattern, drinking a fabulous Ladurée tea.



  & MonLapinCitron decorations




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