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If you ever had the luck of being in a heavenly city you will understand us when we tell you that we are absolutely in love with a small town near Barcelona and two wonderful-fabulous friends. We were shown what real friendship is & how two fans of AF Concept look like.

3 As + 1 D + 3 fab cities = LOVE

This is the equation of one of the most splashy holidays ever.

Breakfast on the rooftop, cooking magnificent dinners, watching Gossip Girl on the balcony, thousands of photos, long walks in Barcelona, hysterical shopping, lots of green ( we mean parks&gardens 🙂 ), seaside, but no sunbathing ( because we take care of our skin 🙂 ),  fruits&smoothies, coffee&croissants 24h/day, 3 hours sleep, early awakenings, marshmallow cupcakes, ice cream, “parcs d’atracciones”, all day singing & 24 to 24 h of unconditioned love&joy.

We said goodbye to this heaven a few days ago and decided to meet again in London…because the summer is still young and so are we…






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