RoccoBarocco Moments

How would it be without  friends who come in the middle of the night just to hug you when you just broke up with your boyfriend, friends who buy you gifts with no reason, friends who listen to you telling the same story for the 1758 time, friends to whom you can yell at and never get angry because they love you too much and know you too well…how would it be? Probably miserable!

Sometimes in life you get to know these people accidenttaly and fall instantly in love with them, sometimes life puts you in tough situations, takes you something, but just to give you back another thing, a more important one. That’s how we met and it wasn’t easy, but the feeling that we should stay together was always stronger than any other barrier.

And what we know now after enough hard times is that a true friendship is when you accept the other, love him and be there no matter what and share once in a while a poetic-roccobaroco moment just for the fun of it.

Yeah! You should try it! Lots of calories! Fancy clothes! ‘How to learn french’ books! Friendship Colour Dolls for everybody! And a crazy Sunday afternoon to remember!


Foto by: Bogdan Catargiu/ Location: Ceainaria Infinitea/ Make-up: Monica Panait / Hair: Oksana ArtLine / Colour Friendship Dolls




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