To Laduree

TAXI!!!!  To Ladurée, Bonaparte street!

First day, exhausting flight and hard working days left behind…

All we needed was just a very to very very sweet afternoon…a late brunch, macaroons, tarte citron, tarte framboise, millefeuille, les religieuses de Ladurée, tea&coffee – all we could wish – everything in one cozy, fabulous and amazing place.After 3 hours spent enjoying a magic brunch with our lovely friends from Spain, Ale K Sandra&Ade Lina we went to Marais tu unpack our humongous luggages – full of romanian designer items, H&M A/W and S/S collection items and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.And because there’s always a God…behind the blue door…was our mirific apartment, a fairytale garden and a very vintage like furnishing atelier – exactly what we needed to be sure that after every “Fashion Week” day we have a fabulous place to return and refresh ourselves.

And if you’re still asking yourselves why do we seem sad, it’s just because we were so so so tired…

Inward we were simply elated!

The next day we were brand new and you just have to stay tuned to see the proof. :))






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