Fabulous H&M Spring/Summer 2012

These days we visited the  H&M showroom quite often and of course we absolutely loved the experience every single time. Why?

 our two fav fab blondes: Laura Cosoi&Dana Rogoz

The fab Diana Tofan from H&M


First of all we absolutely love Diana and secondly, we had to see the H&M spring/summer 2012 Collection and the so controversial Versace for H&M items. And we both left the builduing  drawing up in our minds the perfect wish list…the green dress, the orange boots, the white leather biker jacket, the yellow jacket, the Versace for H&M necklace, the leather jacket  & the pink belt.

After a few quite cool H&M events and four Paris Fashion Week outfits designed by them for us, we once again say that we’d proudly wear a spring-summer 2012 item – anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

And if you are curious about the Spring/Summer 2012 trends
Just check out the best clips from the runway shows during fashion week in New York, Milan and Paris.


…& we absolutely love this jacket




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