Time of change

This year, in only 20 days we took a series of decisions of which we are very proud and another set of which we are not so very proud of and we won’t say a word even if you give us two Chanel 2.55 :))

Let’s start with the blondie.

She decided to:

wear more black – probably Paris or brunette’s influence, who knows

dye her hair and never cut it again

stop the shopping sessions weekly marathon

build another floor on top of her fab shabby chic decorated apartment – this is just a dream, lets face it:))

drive her new car which is waiting for her since july 2011

Now that you’ve found enough for today about the blonde half,

let’s talk about the brunette’s decisions.

She decided to:

get married – we are joking, don’t faint or something:))))

wear more color. neon colors. H&M S/S collection convinced her & of course blondie’s colored spirit

cut the long Rapunzel hair – she still sighs over this stupid decision. Let’s ALL cry and moan!

visit NY with the blonde half of the team

buy 5 pairs of shoes in one day – OMG is this a 2012 switch of roles?

NO. It’s just the time of CHANGE.



ย fav items: neon green dress and neon pink sweater by H&M Spring/Summer Collection




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