FAB Ride

What to do in a crazy city coated with snow and sunk in water, where you can not find any taxi or friends to take you “from here to there”?Well…you scale a few town mountains, you make some ice show, take some trip photos and finally you get to the tram station…You see the tram, you wave your hand as if the tram would be the usual NY taxi, you get in – of course in the wrong tram, pissed off you get off and then you start walking and hope to find the old friend called TAXI.

  You don’t succeed, then you take a sit on a border stone, start skimming the Harper’s Bazaar and blogging.

The end.

P.S. we look forward to spring, to enjoy our real FAB RIDE.



Brunette: Burberry Coat, Zara Boots, New Look leggings, Versace handbag by On Vogue Showroom, Nissa necklace, Vintage sunglasses, Vintage Bracelets / Blonde: Zara Coat, Chanel Scarf, Versace handbag by On Vogue Showroom, Parfois Sunglasses, Versace Belt, Vintage Leather Skirt, Zara Boots, H&M Bracelets




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