Paris Fashion Week 2012/2013 DAY ONE

It’s been a while since we have last posted on the blog, but we have a very good excuse…As you have probably found out by now, we’ve been to Paris. But not just to visit the city for the 15th time, but also to attend the Paris Fashion Week shows, give interviews for some glossy magazines & websites, meet some street style photographers and stylists (that we’d like to invite to our Absolutely Fabulous events), and enjoy some pretty fabulous parties.

Similar to an everyday full-time job, we had a very busy, yet exuberant program, with more than 18 sleepless hours/day, yet it was still one of the most happy moments of our lives, teeming with extraordinary moments spent with absolutely lovely friends: talesforjuliette, fashezine girl, vintage traffic, thegoldendiamonds, color stalker, Bogdan – the very parisian fab guy & Tudor, the fab fashion illustrator.

Because we didn’t have so much time to select the PFW photos yet, we decided to first post a few street style shots, with the outfits we worn at Dior & Lanvin shows.

So…Stay tuned for the next Lanvin Party Photos.


Brunette: Luiza Racovita Feather Dress, H&M Leggings, H&M silver leather Blouse, ZARA jacket & Asos Necklace

Blonde: Vintage Leather Skirt&Blouse, H&M Golden Sweater, Topshop Sandals, New Look Sequins Blouse





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