Paris Nostalgia

At the beginning of a day we usually miss our Parisian awakenings, the cold air in the room, the gloomy sky, the radio alarm clock and the annoying radio French music, the incomparable feeling of living, sleeping and awakening in a beautiful and magic city. We miss it almost every morning.

The French baguette, the strawberry marmelade, the “cafe au lait”, the usual morning gossip, the wide opened windows, the rain, the long walks and heavy clouds…sometimes grey, but still perfect.

We visited Paris enough times to fall in love with it and decide that we were born to move there, but made to live here in Bucharest. Our last day spent in Paris was dull, but still fabulous in its imperfection.

We are nostalgic, but happy to rediscover the beautiful Cluj and the wonderful people living in this cotton candy city.

Blonde: H&M Hat, Zara Fur Vest, Zara Shirt, Vintage Leather Skirt&Bloouse, Zara BootsBrunette: Versace Belt, Nine West Boots, H&M Skirt, Leather Blouse, Neon Green Dress & Black Jacket




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