Ab Fab Goes West

Where? To Cluj and we are absolutely excited. After the last trip and the fabulous moments we spent in this marvelous city and after a few invitations, we have decided that an ab fab event should take place here.

And because we like to honor our new friend’s invitation, on April 21st we organize the first Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Fair in Cluj. Starting 11:00 till 20:00, on the 4th floor of Central Store the fashionistas will find more than 40 fashion exhibitors, fab gifts, great music and a very cheerful atmosphere.

We are so ecstatic about the West Ab Fab Fair, that we would leave Bucharest starting NOW…but we take a deep breath, stay cool and wait for the magic day when we will welcome our visitors on the 4th floor of Central Store…April 21st!

This been said, if you want to find more…just click our FB event page.



Blonde&Brunette: Clothes&Bags, Magazinul Central Cluj




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