The day we met again

This is how a first day in Cluj looks like, before the Ab Fab Event. Moments of walking around, discovering new places, meeting up with new people, laughing, enjoying the sun, harm our feets while wearing high heels and planning two marvelous days of assiduous work. It was a truly magical day, especially after a glass or two of rose wine…how could things be anything but perfect?

We discovered the morning after, that things could be even better…Ab Fab Fair was a true success and we’ve been more than delighted of our first event in Cluj.

Stay tuned to find out more…


Brunette: Zara Pants, Jill Sander Shirt, Bag from Ab Fab Fair, Zara Shoes, H&M Sweater / Blonde: Versace Bag, Vintage Leather Skirt, H&M Blouse, Nine West Sandals, BONE Necklace




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