H&M Collection Launch

What would be the perfect mix&match?! Gold&black, massive jewelry, beaded fab caps, champaigne and sweets…NO, we’re not talking about our everyday life, but about a very appealing H&M Fall/Winter Collection. It’s pouring rain in the city and we’d simply die to wear that gorgeous XXL sweater and the golden pants. We’d almost forget about the SS pastels, just to see and feel the “bling bling” details on our bodies.

 And yes we assume it, because if we have a fav game we are good at and also a habbit, that would be the mix&match game and the courage to be more than a flat-shaped presence.

So girls, just feel free to express yourself and dream about this fab and affordable collection.


 Blonde: Zara Dress&Shoes, Ab Fab Fair Handbag, H&M Leather Leggings, Valentino Bracelets

Brunette: Eugenia Enciu Cotton Leggings, Vintage Miu Miu Leather Dress, H&M Handbag, No Name Boots, Crystal Necklace





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