Keep Smiling and LOVE LIFE

Because we missed the times when we were kids and laughed and enjoyed the so well known Monopoly game, we decided that we have to keep smiling, love life and play fab games. But what to do when you only have virtual games and your life is getting more and more virtual every day. Well…we tell you what to do! You go to Joie de Vivre, Salon du the. 

Why there? Because only there you can find the gratest and creative games ever: DIXIT, Saboteur, Domino, Game of Thrones, Story Cubes, Apples to Apples. And not only games, but a magic terrace and magic chicken &mushroom quesadilla, veggie sprin rolls, quiche lorraine, feta&spinachquiche, creamy cheescake, strawberry tart, mint lemonade & strawberry kiwi iced tea; and last but not least a confy and cheerful atmosphere.

After a so wanted 1st of May holiday, thanks to this lovely place we felt like we had a second vacation in the middle of the city and had such a good time alongside our beloved friends.

You have to try it!

You’ll love it for sure!


Blonde: Marni Necklace&Cardigan, Vintage Pants, H&M Blouse, Marni Scarf

Brunette: Escada Pants, Chanel Belt, Alina Petcan Tshirt, YSL Earrings, Anniel Glitter Shoes




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