Handbag sisters

FACT: We always buy the same accesories and wear them in the same time. It happened again! Another hilarious moment and the same hysterical reaction while staring at each other. Inevitable we would say, because this happens very often when you spend much or too much time for a life with the person next to you.

We do business, we do pleasure (and don’t think too far :)), we have the same diet and we wear the same things, and no we are not married! And thank God we have different taste in men.

What’s to tell is that right now we have a crush for exactly the same…thing: the HenryHolland mettalic bag, a bag to die for! Easy to wear, perfect AW color, chip and chic at 50 euros only, many pockets, perfect shape and easy to find in any Debenhams store!

Go shopping girls!





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