The second gets better

No one believed us when we said on our instagram posts that we are at the romanian seaside, but this is the fabulous truth. And because the second day when you are on holiday is always better than the first day and because we promised you a second ILLY day photos…here they are.

If you were asking yourself what the igredients are for a fab weekend before you go to the seside just make  a list:

– H&M swimming suits

– Wear as many jewelry you can. Jewelry is never enough and even if everybody will stare at you all the time you’ll feel awesome for sure! Even the SATC girls used to do it in Abu Dhabi!

– Take a photographer with you…Or why not two! Two is always better… In fact take two fab photographer-friends. We took Dana & Edi. Thanks to them we have this great memories.

– Take energy from ILLY ISSIMO coffee, which is perfect for the hot beach mornings

– Take some other friends with you who make good jokes and understand your jokes so you can laugh all day long

– Take lots of clothes because you never know when someone will need a new oufit

– Don’t forget your iPhone! That’s vital. You have to post all the great moments on Instagram. It’s the new Facebook, isn’t it? We sleep, drink, eat, laugh, everything on INSTA:))

– DO The flirt….maybe you’ll find a cool man.. you never know where they hide…

-Do trust yourself, you are the most fabulous girl and you will never be as young and cool as you are today, so live your life like there’s no tomorrow!





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