City Rush

The “City Rush” crush you gotta have…a sophisticated fragrance that captures the natural mystery and sensuality of a woman, City Crush makes you feel sexy, confident and ready to turn the streets into your own runway.

The new fragrance City Rush, created by Avon in tandem with Milla Jovovich will become your secret weapon to conquer the big city and is designed specifically for the confident women with a modern sense of style and for those that want to be bold.

Being part of the City Rush Project in Bucharest as the Fashionista and the Good Girl, gave us the oportunity to test it and feel the top notes of bergamot, plum and crisp ivy greens, middle notes of seductive black dahlia, rose and orchid, and base notes of creamy woods, patchouli flower and silky musk notes. We absolutely loved it.

And because you have to discover the City Rush palette we prepared a contest.

So stay tuned and wait for the City Rush Contest post today.

And visit Avon Space 





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