Dior SS 2013 Collection

The Modern Minimalist Queen by Raf Simons. Smash-hit! The Dior spring/summer 2013 Collection was about minimalism, a younger and a more commercial spirit and yet feminine and emotional. After the Galliano drama and emphatic romanticism we got used with, we were excited to see the new face lift of Dior ready-to-wear and in the end the unexpected happened.

The collection started with masculine, simple silhouettes and neutral colours, continued with jacket dresses, black and pink stripe dresses with neon layers, jackets with floral details and ended with a serie of balloon shaped dresses which looked like the water reflected on them.

We love Raf Simon’s younger approach which already changed Dior image in a fresher one, but we cannot deny that we missed the drama of Galliano era.

In the end we all left Dior Show quite satisfied with the ready-to-wear collection and with the man newly in charge of one of the most legendary couture houses in the world.






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