After the statement necklace obsession we had this year, now it’s time for a new one in our lives.  Superficial or not, sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do… In our situation is more like a woman’s gotta have what a woman’s gotta have… and by saying this we mean that we gotta have A NEW BAG, a Paco Rabanne bag for each of us.

The thing that intrigued us is the fact that we didn’t craved for the same one and that now we can easily wear them anytime, anywear, anyhow, in the same time:) And this would be a first, considering the fact that we usually buy the same things, wear the same things in the same place, without a preliminary discussion.

Anyway the important thing is that after the Paco Rabanne SS 2013 Collection we promised to ourselves to give a little bit more attention to the brand newly took over by the fab designer, Lydia Maurer.

So we started with the mini vegetable leather bag and the maxi electric blue rubber tote, the two loves of the celebrities, this season.

It’s your turn to find your favourite!






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