Morning Chic

How is going to be the first day of the week? What to choose from your wardrobe? What lipstick would you wear? How cold is outside and what coat do you need!?

Well everything seems easier when you have where to choose from and when you know that being chic all the week is not such a big fuss and not such a big expense if you know where to set up your wardrobe from. This week we accepted TEX challenge to set an everyday outfit of only 300 ron and be chic while wearing cool-priced items along with Ioana from Fashezine and Teodora from The Vanity Cover.

We hope you like the final output, because we and TEX prepared a fab giveaway for you.

You can WIN a 500 ron voucher to spend in any Carrefour hypermarket. But stay tuned till tomorrow and you‘ll find out how can you become the lucky winner.






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