Morning Glory

Even if many of you think that we live together we have to disappoint you. WE DON’T! We live in different houses, we wake up in different ways, one up at 8:00 sharp, the other posteponing the alarm for half an hour, we have too many habbits for only one house and too many clothes, accesories and objects of every color and shape you could imagine, so two wouldn’t be too fabulous.

But sometimes we organize movie and reading nights and we stay up till 4 or 5 – yes, our life is not all about parties, trips and events. So these are the times when we spend mornings together and not at the office, but enjoying croissants and cappuccinos on the sofa. Just sleepy faces and the ordinary habbits we share. So clicheeeee, yes. And we love it!

So we are just gonna give you 10 steps for a fabulous morning with your best friend

1. Start with an amazing cappuccino. We recommend the new cappuccino from Nescafe – it’s easy to prepare it, super good and the new morning treat for the two of us. And if you wanna win a fab pair of shoes you just have to go to the Nescafe App on Facebook and follow the steps. A new pair of shoes and a good cappuccino are the best friends of every fab girl!!!

2. Use your laptop or iPad to Pin(terest) all the photos that you like and to get in the mood for a fab day.

3. Read the horoscope…It’s funny and it’s stupid and girlish in the same time. Stop being so serious all the time!

4. Listen to music and dance like crazy. You’ ll be full of energy and ready to  work.

5. Vogue or Harpers’s always are good inspiration for a cool outfit.

6. Post on Instagram 🙂 It’s a must all over the globe.

7. Don’t forget about the TO DO list! We assure you it really works!

8. Select your outfit for the day and make sure you feel sexy and cool in the same time.

9. Gossip about something!!!  It’s always fun and cool to gossip with your best friend. But don’t take the gossip too serious. Do it for fun only!

10. Hug always gives a good energy.

Good Morning, ladies!


Foto: Constantin Stefanescu //




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