street style fashion sweatshirt

We are not princesses, witches nor aristocrats and we don’t live in castles. We are not surrounded by emotional slaves, housekeepers and butlers and our job is not to fantasize. Shocking! I know! Well yes, we are humans and we are who we are. No juggles, no artificial patterns or overstatements. Hard to believe, but this is the harsh truth. The fabulousness of our lives is given by the imperfection which we accept and enjoy, for good or for worse, always together.

street style fashion misbhvstreet style fashionstreet style misbhv sweater

What you see is what you get – a team.

And because we’ve always been the good girls in the real story of life and things didn’t get quite honest sometimes, we think it’s just the proper time to MISBHV and get a little bit NA$TY. So we stick two fingers up to the world of meaning, convention, mediocrity, uniformity and order. And this is anarchy – the absence of any common standards.

Do you find yourself in situations when you just stop doing lots of things you would like just because others think you shouldn’t? We know you do! But F*** it and do your thing! This is freedom! And this is the moment when you need an accompanying rock soundrack because you are gonna MISBHV and get NA$TY.


We were wearing:

MISBHV Team Paris sweatshirt, Zara skirt, JCREW necklace, Moo Eyewear Sunglasses, TOPSHOP sandals/

 MISBHV NASTY sweatshirt, H&M floral jacket, E.ENCIU leather pants, Moo Eyewear Sunglasses, Zara bag, Zara Dress, Anna dello Russo and H&M necklaces
*Foto:Constantin Stefanescu / c-tin.blogspot.ro




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