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If you don’t have one…make one! It’s the new must have! You all know that we love social media and that we are addicted to Instagram and Facebook. And couple of months ago we started to use Twitter too. And use it everyday, posting and retweeting…And you know what? We like it a lot!

The feedback is great! People retweet your photos and quotes and if you tag important companies and labels they actually respond and retweet. And this is quite amazing.

Twitter is a place of words. If on Facebook you would get people crazy with your neverending statuses, on twitter this is the key. Your followers enjoy your activity. The more the better.

When we found out about the #haisamancamimpreuna (let’s eat together) twitter campaign that Coca- Coca launched in Romania we wanted to get involved as soon as possible. Why? Because we don’t like to eat alone and we love to be with someone special with whom we could share breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other “food break”.

We started to post photos with our food and food set-ups, as we call them, years ago and even if back then it was a very uncommon thing now everybody is doing it. Even restaurants support you to do it! It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s fabulous! There is even a restaurant in New York Comodo that made an entire campaing of hashtags because people were taking so much photos of the food (you can see it here ) that they couldn’t just help it!

So in this era of social media where photos and visuals are everything and where sharing is caring we support every fabulous campaign in which we believe in. So #haisamancamimpreuna (let’seattogether), be positive, happy and kind. And if you take photos of your food don’t feel bad or ridiculous!!! Everybody is doing it!

Now go and call your friends and invite them to dinner. Drink Coca-Cola, take some photos, tweet and have fun. #haisamancamimpreuna

And if you don’t have a twitter account you should make one and be part of #haisamancamimpreuna campaign!





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