Dress up for dinner

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Dinner parties are usually intimate affairs among friends, so they’re the perfect opportunity to play a dress up game if you have time to go home and change your work/office outfit or simply accesorize your day outfit and make it look different. No matter what you do, you should always look like you’ve put some thought in it.


So when you go out for a dinner with friends, colleagues from work, clients or family, don’t forget to…

1.Choose one distinctive accessory to wear with your dinner outfit. A bold, one-of-a-kind, a statement necklace or a pair of chandelier vintage earrings.

2.Try to wear pants. Trousers and suits are making a comeback. Try a black&white pair and avoid jeans.

3.Wear a pair of stiletto. Black, yellow, red, it doesnt matter

4.Dress it up. It’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful dress, Print, bright color or black, anything it would be a good choice.

5.Hair&Make up. Keep it nude and simple.

This time we have chosen to dress a full BSB outfit, as we did the whole week. Morning, lunch or dinner we have tried the whole BSB ss2013 collection and it was absolutely fun to play the mix&match game. You should try it too, girls!



We are wearing BSB outfits
Foto: Radu Enache
Location: Salt  (FB PAGE)


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