Movie Day in two

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You know what is the problem? That we never see enough movies, even if go weekly to the cinema and we watch TV movies. We always want more. We want that progression of moods and feelings, the emotions and stories, because let’s be honest…most of the times the riddles of life are answered in the movies. And what do you do when you come home earlier than you usually do?

You enjoy a movie whether you stay in bed, in the garden, alone on the sofa or with your family or best friends. And how could you do it easily, legally and fast?

It’s simple! You choose WWTV, you create an account, you choose a movie, you pay it (they have more than good prices) and you watch it. Designed for Mac and Windows and soon for iOS, this mobile cinema is our new finding and we got obsessed with it.

So, why should we go out and pay money to see bad films, when we can stay home and choose the film we want from a long list of lovely movies and enjoy the flexibility of this new discovery in our own private space?

Girls, open the laptop, search for the WWTV, call your friends, open a bottle of rose wine, bring some fruits and enjoy a movie garden party or simply relax after a hard working day on the sofa.
You definetly deserve it!



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  • Ioana

    sunteti de vis, fetelor!
    fabulous shooting! <3

  • Anonymous

    love your style girls….can you tell me where can I can get the absolutely fabulous laptop sticker

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