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It happened last week after four exhausting days&nights of work…A magic invitation from Avon Cosmetics to enjoy as many hours of relaxation we want. This was one of the few times we said no to work and yes to relaxing moments. So we said yes and we went to Orhideea Spa.

Massage, swimming, testing the Planet Spa products, relaxing and everything a woman could dream of. It was such a welcomed break, but what shall we do when we don’t have enough time for a spa session or what shall we do when we arrive too late to go to the spa center.

Well, this Sunday we organanized a spa area in our house, we followed the steps below and we just enjoyed the time, We hope this will help you:

1. Turn off the iphone, ipad and all the gadgets that could ruin your state of mind. It’s hard we know it, but it is a must.

2. Since music affects your mood, create a playlist of songs that demand you have a good time. Don’t play it too loud.

3. Turn your shower into a sauna. Just turn your shower on and run it at its hottest temperature for about 20 minutes. Use Planet Spa Turkish Bath and the Bali Botanica exfoliating gel.
4. Oil up! Use a body cream with olive oil and revitalize your skin.
5. STOP FEELING GUILTY that you spent one hour taking care of your body!
6.Do a steam facial. Boil water and green tea and pour it into a large bowl. Drape a towel over your head and sit with your head over the steaming water. Stay there for about 5-10 minutes.
7. Use a face mask & cream.
8. Dress up in the most comfortable clothes.
9. Put on a movie and relax.
10.You deserve it, so don’t feel guilty. Just enjoy it!

We hope we helped you. And as it worked for us, we hope that it will work for you too.




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