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Give me a museum and I’ll fill it, Pablo Picasso once said. Give us a museum and we’ll get too excited and anxious to visit it!
It happens wherever we travel, in every city we visit. We have this eagerness for museums, art, exhibitions and everything that derives from these. But we have a little issue.

We sometimes forget about our own city and about the special places everyone should visit at least once a year or at least when special exhibitions are taking place.

And one day we woke up with this drive to visit the National Museum of Natural History, Grigore Antipa. Being one of Romania’s finest museums, and one of the best natural history museums in Europe, of course we couldn’t make this call in any ordinary outfits, so as you already guess, we dressed up in two of our fav summer dresses and we opened the doors in style.

The five halls for documentary movies, the 66 infotouch screens, the 3D projections, plasma screens and interactive systems for presenting the exhibits made our day even more animated and convinced us that the National Museum of Natural History should be on your must visit list with or wihout your kids included. Set over three levels, the basement is commendably dedicated entirely to Romanian animals and plants, the ground floor to animals around the world while the upper level is devoted to man and his impact on the plane, and if you find these three levels exhausting you can always take a break and have a delicious lunch at Cafe Antipa.

So…our beloved, we know you are busy, but whenever you have time, just plan a visit to Antipa.

You won’t regret!




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  • Anonymous

    Oh, I loveeee, love , love your dresses! What fabric are they made of? I’m dying to know!

  • Desirèe D'Aloia

    Wonderful pics! you’re so beautiful!!


    They are made of silk

  • Liana Popa

    Imi place tare ideea pictorialului in muzeu, doar imbina 2 pasiuni de-ale mele 🙂

  • fashion4denis

    wow, such pictures…….

  • Silvia Cristescu

    Sunt geniale pozele, love them!

  • Emanuel I.

    Atat voi, cat si tinutele, pozele , locatia, fotograful…

  • Mifi

    Minunate rochitele! De unde le-ati luat?

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