Imparte o Coca-Cola

A surprize party and a wonderful evening. All for the biggest Coca-Cola fan ever, Mihaela Padure.  A flight with the helicopter, an evening spent with Dani Otil and her favorite band, Vita de Vie, singing for her at Coca-Cola event, this was the perfect gift for the most dedicated Coca-Cola fan.

We’ve been there enjoying the night beside her, but also being so envious that the big Coca-Cola bottle from Piata Romana, will have her name on it for two weeks.

If you didn’t find out yet, the fab Coca-Cola Campaign ( ‘Imparte o Coca-Cola’ ) uses 150 most popular names on the bottle tag and replaces the logo to reward the consumers fidelity. During the event we had so much fun customizing the Coca-Cola cans with our names, the blog’s name, our parents name and every name of every friend we could remember at that time.

To find out more about the campaign check Coca-Cola Twitter





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