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 Today we are more than happy to announce that we have the most amazing gallery in town with the most amazing exhibitions and that every month you will see only on our blog all the new projects that Galateca Gallery is launching.

If you wonder who, what, where, when, why…Galateca Gallery is a project where artists, designers, architects, curators and communication people develop applied arts and multimedia art exhibitions. Placed in the National Central Library Carol I, ideally positioned in the most beautiful market of Bucharest, GALATECA is a gallery where you can talk about romanian designers and artits and about art in all its shapes. Here you can find NEOGALATECA, the gallery shop where you can find magic pieces, from a portofolio of objects composed especially for the Galateca projects, design products, fashion and interior design items.


And because we believe in art, Henwood LibraryThe Love of Books and Art exhibition simply moved our hearts. Conceived as a personal library of the artist and inspired by Simon Henwood’s  love for books

and art, the exhibition reflects the diversity of his work:  painting, drawing, photos and  books, animation, video art, installations and new media. 

The Love of Books and Art features over 50 works of the artist who has exhibited in the past 25 years in the world’s most famous galleries: MOMA (NYC), UCLA Hammer Museum (LA) or Sophie Sheideker Gallery (Paris). The artist is also known for colaborating with Kanye West, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Roisin Murphy, Badly Drawn Boy or Imogen Heap for whom he directed music videos, made concepts for the campaign tour as well as for the albums, costumes, scenography or graphic design.

So…Our beloved art lovers, embrace this new project and don’t miss GALATECA exhibitions and projects!


Foto: Quyen Mike
Wearing: Murmur Take Away Dress from Neogalateca , Atelier Danessa Jewelry, Zara Shoe, Fandacsia Hat/
Murmur Take Away Leggings from Neogalateca, Atelier Danessa Jewelry,, Miu Miu Shoes, Vans Hat




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