Our Digital Divas Awards

Have you ever felt that you cannot move, breath and that your heart’s beating like a drum in your chest?

No, we are not gonna tell you about how we fell in love {finally:))}, but we are gonna tell you about our Friday afternoon at Digital Divas by AVON.

Remember our last post when we announced that we are gonna be speakers during the conference that Avon is organizing in the honor of ONLINE? This is what we did. And for the first time in our lives we were so f*** nervous, anxious and ecstatic in the same time to talk about our activity, our brand, blog, business, about fashion weeks & streestyle and about all the commitment .

As we said before the 40 minutes speech we were so happy to accept Avon’s invitation once again and to share the insights of our everyday life.

After the conference we were so happy and released that we had too many glasses of champagne and when the DIVA Awards Gala started we were already a little bit tipsy, we have to admit the reality. We admit, but we cannot assume this fact, but only blame the one and only crazy Yvan Rodic who kept on refilling the god damn glasses with peosecco.

All in all it was the first time we were participating to a gala as nominees. Sorrrounded by friends, in a very cool atmosphere, we won 3 prizes and a 4th from Cornel the vocal of Vunk band.

It was such a happy day! A day that started with emotions, continued with beautiful moments spent with wonderful people, with some of our readers, with old friends from London, as Alex Adam a very talented designer, with our beloved Facehunter, a day where we met people we were craving to meet for a long time, a day that continued with a wild-crazy night, which we will always remember.

We thank you all for believing in us!



Wearing: Murmur Dress, from NEOGALATECA, JCREW, Kenneth Jane Lane & Escada  Jewelry

Location: GALATECA




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