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We love haute couture and yes, we love haute couture shows. Who wouldn’t?! They are something else and a must see, and thank God, this season was a very rich one for us. All you have to do is check the Fashion section on our blog to see the fashion shows we’ve been invited to because the collections are simply fabulous. But coming back to the photos above, the happiest moment was the moment when we attended Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013 show…

The show was above expectations. We loved everything about the collection – the animal prints, the colors, the hair constructions, the velvet pants, the amazing dresses and the stunning-gorgeous-fabulous wedding dress. We are not telling you more, because you will read more about JPG soon on our fashion section. But till then you can flick through the photos on www.fashionwirepress.com

So coming back to our couture day…We both wear KristinaDragomir skull hats that we absolutely adore and we have to admit that we have nerver seen such amazing pieces and because we had to wear something a la Gaultier we chose to wear Murmur tops.

Stay tuned for the haute couture collections reviews.



Foto: Quyen Mike

Wearing: Murmur Corset, Kristina Dragomir Hat, Louis Vuitton Clutch, JCREW Bracelets, Zara Pants, MOO Sunglasses/

 Murmur Bra, Kristina Dragomir Hat, Louis Vuitton Clutch, Alexandru Raicu Pants, Zara Shoes, H&M Jacket


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