Laurence Xu Haute Couture Collection

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Creator of art, Laurence Xu can be considered a maestro with a needle. His creations allows us to travel in time into two worlds: the mystical universe of Chinese Empire and the modern style and design of a dressmaker full of creativity. A devoted artist who, like a magician, brings us into a timeless journey where the traditional handmaking and 4000 year old folkloric embroidery is the link between his roots, his modern eye and future success in our world.

Proud of his tradition and Chinese heritage, Laurence Xu revisits the elegance and grace of an Imperial woman in harmony with his time and modern era. The perfection of the embroidery techniques can be seen through a whirlpool of colors, patterns and contrasts.

Embroideries have reflected the Chinese spirit for 4,000 years but reached their climax under the apogee of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Today, Laurence Xu magically revisits over ten kinds of embroideries thathave flourished, each with its own characteristics, complex techniques and creative reflections.

The mood in his designs is festive, colorfully rich and intense. It is a way for Laurence Xu to affirm his identity and to anchor his Chinese heritage through prominent symbols such as the dragon. Ancient paintings are the designer’s inspiration. His unique, luminous and distinctive garments are a poetic transcription of his lineage and the History of his Empire. Embroidery is a fundamental element of Laurence Xu’s creations as he mixes art, History, paintings and fabrics to achieve such majestic gowns.


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