Love, Sunset, Sea and Sun!

Lately every wish we have…it happens. We don’t know if it is pure luck or the power of possitive thinking, but it surely works big time, since we spend our life lately in wonderful places, surrounded only by beautiful people, silence and love. And as we got used to all these amazing gifts that life gives us sometimes, we couldn’t be more than happy to wake up and fall asleep in this magic scenery. Is there anything better in this world than love, sunrises and sunsets?

Foto: Lori Anderson
Wearing: H&M Swimsuit, JCREW Bracelets, Anna dello Russo for H&M Necklace, Moo Sunglasses
/ H&M Golden Skirt, Zara Stripe Blouse, Escada Bracelet, H&M Necklace




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