Lunch Break with Kristina Dragomir

Since we have a new project “Share a Coca-Cola with” we thought that is a very good opportunity to have an unconventional lunch break with the queen of hats, Kristina Dragomir. And since we absolutely adore this mad hatter, her work and everything that is part of her life, we wanted to share with you some little details about what she likes, what she is and some other ”w” qustions that she answered to. Enjoy it ladies!

This or that: This  / Black or White: Black   / Day or Night: Day Summer or Winter: Winter / America or Europe: Europe / Books or Movies: Books

You are curious about: Everything

Favorite movie/book character: Kika/Almoldovar

What do you hate the most: Envy

What do you love the most: My beautiful family

Something that people don’t know about you: I’m a great painter  

A defect and a quality that makes you one of a kind: I’m like my hats. Or rather my hats are like me. You can’t miss me in a room. I’m a distinctive presence.

5 things you believe in: Color, Art, Creativity, Courage, Boldness, Beauty

5 things you don t believe in: Lie, Malignity, Witchcraft, Mythology, Obstinacy

5 thing you would die for: My family, my art, my hats, my books, my clothes/accessories

5 things you ll take on a desert island: MAC lipstick, flying carpet, moisturizing cream, pillow, tent

HATS: Hats are like a drop of ink in a glass of clear water. Fascinating, contagious, subtile. A hat will be one with you, a beautiful head.  If there’s a hat you’re wearing, then it’s wrong.




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