Fun Break

What to do when you have a very short lunch break? Go having lunch? Wrong! You just go and pay a very short visit to one of your dearest. We surprised her at the office and we had such an amazing time with Malvina Cservenschi gossiping, sharing a Coca-Cola and updating eachother with the latest news. It has been more than wonderful to see her again and because we wanted to share with you a little bit about her we did a very short interview about this amazing princess who creates for Malvensky Jewelry.

Black or White: White / Day or Night: Day / Summer or Winter: Summer / America or Europe: Europe / Books or Movies: Books

You are curious about: Human nature
Favorite movie/book character: Melancholia/Dr Ernest Lash 
What do you hate the most: I don’t hate because hate comes back to you
What do you love the most: Love
Something that people don’t know about you: I know how to drive a truck
A defect and a quality that makes you one of a kind: My curiosity, My creativity

5 things you believe in: Psychotherapy, Music, Trust, Friendship, Ambition
5 things you don t believe in: Weaknesses, Lies, Social conditioning, Capitalism, Avarice
5 things you would die for: I wouldn’t die for anything, unless my life saved another dear person’s life  
5 things you ll take on a desert island: A book by Irvin D. Yalom, My Ipod, A game of chess, A vanilla latte, A set of jewelry albums

Malvensky is for you an inspiration because it challenges me every day.

In the future you see yourself a happy woman with no regrets.


Foto: Constantin Stefanescu




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