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Beauty is in the heart of the beholder and the best cosmetic for a woman it is said to be happiness, but we believe that a woman needs more to conserve the inside-out beauty. A woman needs to rejuvenate her skin as she needs to keep her spirit young, wild and free.

Usually we are afraid of taking risks and testing special treatments, but since we are not 20 anymore we have to care a little more about our body and that’s why we’ve been more than delighted to meet Andreea Iftimie, the aesthetician of Fazzada clinic and learn more about how  we can  spoil our skin.

Using the laser techniques from See.Try.Buy.Company, the clinic is dedicated to medical spa and offers treatments as Pret-a-traiter, the Hollywood queen treatments: Forever Young, SkinTyte based on BBL technology (Broad Band Light), the most powerful and effective procedures that not only slow the ageing process, but also makes you look younger because the technology used in Forever Young treatment reverts the genomes that affect our aging process in our DNA.

When we first discovered Fazzada, we didn’t know that we can treat our skin with non invasive techniques and we have to admit that we have started to use the Sciton laser which treats and prevents the ageing effects and our skin improved amazingly. It takes you only 20 minutes, 5 sessions for the start and it worths! It makes you feel comfortable in your skin!

So what we recommend is to spend less time in the mirror and more time feeling wonderful!


Foto: Constantin Stefanescu
Location Fazzada
Dresses Rhea Costa


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  • Desirèe D'Aloia

    Your dress, Diana, is amazing!!!

  • Nicolene Richards

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing these beauty secrets! You look stunning in those dresses and the photo shoot is beautiful! Treatment of the skin is the most essential part of our preservation of youthfulness!


  • Emanuel I.

    Genial shooting!
    E cu siguranta favoritul meu in a long…

  • Barocca Fashion

    It’s all in the attitude… and in the outfits, and the details… 😉

  • delicii

    Beautiful!!! you are so right…

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