20 years of MOTIVI

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We’ve been chalanged to write about how was fashion in the last 20 years, which are the changes, how was fashion 20 years ago and how it is today. Somehow we think that fashion has always been what it is today…We reinvent over and over again in different manners everything that has been done till now.

So do you remember the 90s? Omg! That was a crazy era…A revolution of colors and glitter.

But the fact is we are more than envious that we cannot be  part of that ‘revolution’ anymore. In the last 20 years the fashion got more accesible, more flexible and more wearable. In 20s, 30s and even 60s the fashion was strict, but after the crazy 90s we started to reinvent all the past eras in modern and avangardist  manners. Remember the Spice Girls and how they influenced all the teenage girls, all the super models and their amazing style, all the Mugler shows and all the clean cuts from CK, remember them well because we’ll probably get back soon to them.

The cool thing about fashion is that you never get tired of it. If you get bored by an item, you buy another. You don’t like your style anymore, you change it. You cannot do it, you hire a stylist and a personal shopper. Now you can reinvent yourself through clothes every time and you can be whoever you wanna be. And today everything is possible. We have the privilage to live in the era of bloggers and streetstyle where creativity and originality are crucial if you wanna stand out!

Make a statement! And don’t forget that fashion is not a niche anymore! It is the new MUST! It’s the it!

And because we talk about the fashion in the last 20 years, we wanna talk about the celebration of  MOTIVI store, where we invite you as our special guest, on 20 September, 17:00 at Baneasa Shopping City! Come and celebrate with us 20 years of MOTIVI activity in fashion!


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