Fabulous application by miniPRIX

Have you ever thought how cool would it be to buy clothes and accesories while you are travelling, stuck in traffic or simply when you are out for a coffee?! Couple of years ago this was a dream, but today this is possible and super easy. We love miniPRIX store and we found lots of treasures on their website and we’ve been more than happy to discover their new application where you can search, find and buy super nice pieces.

And the prices are so affordable and if you are very good at research you can find very unique items. The cool thing about this application is that you can have +10% discount and free shipping (delivery ).

 The application is available on A pp Store and Google Play.

So when Elena from miniPRIX told us about the application the first thing was to download  and use it.

So we picked these clothes that you can see in the photos and we played around in the city. We have to tell you that this super cool application brings for the first time in Romania the concept of “social shopping“. Are you curious?! We suppose you are! So…You can share with your friends the products you like and if you share with your best friend a smart shopping session you can win shopping vouchers! Isn’t it cool?! So miniPRIX really made the shopping easy and fun.

Try the aplication  on App Store and Google Play and have fun! And wherever you are stressed or caught in traffic do some smart shopping. It’s the best pill ever!:)


Foto Mike Quyen
 Full Outfits by miniPRIX




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