L’Oréal team

Maybe you saw that lately we are very happy and bright… And this is because we are very much in love. Yes, ladies, we have boyfriends, but this is a subject we are not going to talk about very soon:)) But this love  that we wanna talk about today is brand new…We are in love with L’Oreal team.

What team?! What we are talking about? It’s simple.

Not long ago we have received an unexpected, but marvelous proposal from L’Oreal. So of course we said yes and what you see above are the making of photos of a beauty editorial, organized and coordinated by the fabulous L’Oreal team. We cannot wait to share with you the final photos which we are absolutely sure that you will adore.

We wanna thank you all guys for the magnificent atmosphere and for the amazing moments spent together during this project.

Thank you Marius Baragan for being such a cool photographer, Alexandru Abagiu (L’Oreal Paris Make-up artist) and Georgiana Dragan (assistant make-up, Beauty District) for the exquisite make-up, Sorin Stratulat (L’Oreal Professionnel Ambasador) and Cosmin Puscasu ( Hair Assistant Beauty District) for the gorgeous hair style and Catalina Stoica, the nail expert Beauty District, for the best nail art ever.

So ladies, stay tuned for the final project!

Lots of kisses,





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