A fine excess of jewelry

Did you ever find yourself in a ‘Great Gatsby’ state of mind? Of course you did! When we dream of Fitzgerald‘s romantic fairy tale we simply get very passionate and we immediately feel the need to convert all the items from our wardrobe in alive and exciting outfits. But sometimes we don’t need lavish costumes to feel vibrant and beautiful, but that je ne sais quoi, which we call jewelry. And we found this je ne sais quoi at Borealy Jewelry showroom.

Whenever you dream of sapphires, rubies, topaz or ametist, gold and silver, perfect jewelry pieces for every moment of the day you simply thank God for the affordable luxury collections. Whether you need a classic ring or necklace, a chandelier pair of earrings or a snake bracelet with Swarovski elements you better don’t say NO to your desires.

Since we discovered the magic of statement jewelry we simply became addicted. And this addiction starts in the morning and ends late in the night, when if we wouldn’t have two practical boyfriends (sometimes too realistic for our very well preserved wonderland) we would….of course…sleep with at least one necklace around our necks. To be noted! Very well matched necklace with our P.J.

Back to practical things, the main idea is that because we never have enough jewelry (actually people say we do, but who cares what people say when you simply die if you cannot have a pearl necklace) we’ve been thrilled when we discovered this jewelry boutique where you can find amazing treasures – can’t live without treasures.

And because we love to share with you all the news in our lives, VOILA! Just visit Borealy to discover our latest acquisitions.




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