Black is the new Black

The thing we love most about black is the fact that when you wear it you are never over-dressed or underdressed, like Karl Largerfeld said. No matter where you go, with whom you are and what you do black will always be the new black, the it. You have to admit it ladies!

Black saves you in any situation and because we need to be saved in many situations, lately our wardrobe is sunk in black items, black pieces we absolutely fell in love with at the first sight. As time doesn’t help us too much lately, we tend to make smart-easy-quick shopping online. At the beginning we were do in it from our notebooks and ipads, but now when we feel too tired, we simply unlock our iphones open the shopping folder and start the hunting.

We’ve learned in the last 5 years that smart shopping never goes out of style and that’s why we always search for uniques items, perfect for a mix&match game with the pieces we already have in our wardrobe. And this time we found miniPRIX cool application where we found a very cool designer section which you should check out immediately!

Enjoy it!


Foto: Mike Quyen
Blonde&Brunette: miniPRIX outfits




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