Morning Truths

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This morning we did something different to normal. If our mornings start somewhere around 8 am in great pains and obvious difficulty, this time the morning started in an inspirational manner, even though the weather was not so friendly as it used to be weeks ago. When you start your day in a fluffy bed, with a room service cappuccino and you devour the Follie Folliegift bags you’ve just received, the morning gets brighter no matter what you’d say right now.

But the thing is that our mornings are not always so wonderful. In fact who ever believed that mornings can be wonderful?!

The thing is that the secret of true happiness never came in a beautiful morning, while birds where singing on our windows, but it came from little suprises, from late breakfasts with the ones we love or simply from fab gifts we received early in the morning. (No, we are not two material bitches, but just two magpie birds in love with jewelry.)

But back to our morning thing, here are 5 morning truths you didn’t know about us and our not so fabulous waking-up process:

1. The snooze button is both the best and the worst thing ever invented! It takes us half an hour to wake up thanks to this precious button!

2. In the morning if you didn’t know till know, there is a huge difference between 7:00 am and 7:05 am.

3.Whenever we are excited for the next day, we ruin everything by not being able to sleep the night before!

4. Falling asleep takes half an hour at night and half a second in the morning! God Why!? Why?

5. At 1:00 am we have the same speech ”Tomorrow I’m going to get up, run a little bit in the park, cook a healthy breakfast, take a long shower…” but in the morning it’s like a marathon.

(extra 6). Give us some jewelry pieces in the morning and we forget everything about 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

And in the end…

Good Morning, ladies!
Hope you have a great morning!


Foto: Virgil Hritcu
Brunette:Follie Follie Jewelry&Watches, H&M White Sweater
Blonde:  Follie Follie Jewelry&Watches, H&M White Shirt
Location: Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center


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