The Moustache Sisters

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If you were thinking that we are two very serious ladies, you we’ve been wrong, sweetheart! We cannot help playing all kind of stupid jokes and games just to make our day brighter. When feeling too tired or when the weather’s not quite what we expected, we put on our moustaches and act silly. And life gets better! Remember it’s all about the simple things!

Lately it’s all about the mustache. T-shirts, cups, hats, posters, quotes. Everybody wants one, but less wear it lately! And as we have this worldwide obssesion we wanted to simply share with you 5 of the most unusual facts about this lovely accesory we have fun with from time to time. It works everytime!

1. Oldest Moustache – the oldest documented moustache can be found in a portrait dating back to 300 BC

2. Moustache Give Away – The Beatles included cut out cardboard moustaches with the purchase of their new album – The Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967

3. They’re Pratically Magnetic – The average man with a mo touches it 760 times a day.

4. Even You Can Grow the Fu Manchu – Average human hair grows at a rate of 0.014 inches a day, or about 5 or 6 inches a year.

5. Origin – The word “mustache” comes from the Latin root mustacium which means “conveniently stored supply of extra food.”



Foto: Quyen Mike
Brunette: H&M Stripes Outfit, Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses, Zara Shorts
Blonde: H&M Shirt, Vintage Leather Skirt, BOY Hat, Moo Sunglasses, JCREW Necklace



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