Perfect legs

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Time! Yes, our biggest problem ever! Most of us barely have time to get out the door with the teeth brushed or make up on before we commute to the office early in the morning, but having perfect legs is not a luxury anymore! Now you can easily boost your sex-appeal and have flawless legs, lady! And believe us, it is not so hard to get fabulous legs! Anytime, anyhow, anywhere, no matter what season is you can always keep them looking beautiful.(read more and discover our contest)

Whether you wear stilettos, sneakers or simply socks you can use the magic ‘tool’ to remove the unwanted hairs from your skin. Braun Silk-รฉpil 7 Wet & Dry epilator removes even the shortest, finest hairs, right down to 0.5mm long. Thatโ€™s as small as a grain of sand. The epilator removes the shortest and thinnest hairs and leaves your skin smooth for up to four weeks: A result you cannot achieve even with waxing.

As itโ€™s cordless, it can also be used dry or in the bath or shower for the gentlest epilation. To further increase comfort in your epilation, prepare your skin with the Olay cooling wet wipes included.

Hair removal is one topic many women don’t want to discuss but we can’t escape it. And because you deserve fabulous legs you deserve for sure to have your own super nice Braun epilator.

So what you have to do to win one…..

Leave a comment to this post either with a haiku that has to contain the words legs and Braun or either make a nice little poem with the same two words (in romanian or english)! Don’t forget to leave your email address too!

Good luck!




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  • Corui Anca

    Every fabulous woman must have
    A pair of sexy soft legs
    And that look can be succeeded
    If you make Braun you very best friend

    have a fab weekend girls~!

  • Laura G.

    As she entered the room
    All the eyes went down
    Her perfect fabulous legs
    Were screaming
    “You can call us BBRAUN!”

  • Xara

    Braun is already well-known as the leader in all epilator brands helping thousands of women achieve the perfect legs without a problem! every girl deserves to have Braun

  • Corina Costache

    Beautiful women catch attention with their bags
    Fashionable, stylish, big and coloured brown
    Wonderful women catch attention with their legs
    Long, straight, smooth and cared by Braun

  • Oana Toma

    Green and speckled legs,
    Hop on logs and lily pads
    Splash in cool water
    and never forget your Brown frind

    have a great day

  • Alina

    Not ready to go to town ?
    Definitively you need Brown.
    Easy as you make a yawn,
    Is just like you cut the lawn
    All the ”bushes” go away
    As simple as you say ”hey”
    Sexy legs without a cry,
    With the new Brown-Wet&Dry.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ by

  • Anonymous

    Hey girls! Nice little contest ๐Ÿ™‚

    “A nice long bath and a braun will make my legs look fabulous and it’ll get me ready to rise and shine..”

  • andreea chiriac

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • andreea chiriac

    Win a Braun, if you want to have the sexiest legs in town!:)

  • Gutu Doina

    For your legs to look
    like you wear a crown
    Always use the best-Braun

  • Irina

    The new Braun
    Makes your legs
    Soft, shiny and kissable!

  • Catalina C.

    Kiss you impulsively
    Bite hard on your lip
    Press you down against a table
    Use my teeth to unzip

    I wrap my legs around you
    And feel you hot against my skin
    “there’s no way you’re escaping BRAUN I used”
    I say with a lustful grin

    Your hands are searching my hips now
    And I gasp as you put yourself in
    Because now I’m full of your warmth
    And I think you’re going to win

    Well maybe its just a fantasy
    And you think I’m carried away
    But you wont say that in my bedroom
    When we play on a rainy day

    Laters babes!!!

  • Ioana-Elena Oana

    She did not like labels and tags
    But cared herself only with Braun,
    With her long, smooth pair of legs
    Next to her you would feel like a clown.

  • Femme Mystique

    Every girl needs a Braun in her life to make her legs silky smooth.Her attitude will change with just one touch.

  • Anonymous

    Love taking care of legs..
    Love Braun

  • katinaki

    Braun love’s woman and always make them look beautiful!!

  • katinaki

    Braun love’s woman and always make them look beautiful and have great legs!
    Great competition!!
    Katerina Prousali

  • saviana buhlea

    I want to go out, but my legs look all scary.
    I thought they were fine but they are so hairy.
    It’s all right; in no time I take all hair down.
    Luckily I got the new Silk-épil – Braun.

  • Florentina Pรฎrvu

    Braun your legs, so you could keep in touch with your Ex.

  • Oana Toma

    Green and soft legs,
    Hop on logs and lily pads
    Splash in cool water
    and never forget your Brown frind

  • Deea

    Trust me when I say
    There is no other way
    When for DIVA legs you cry
    A Braun Silk-épil you must buy!

    Awesome post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Valentina

    Every time i go to town
    I say, oh i need that Brown!
    And my legs will look okay
    That’s the secret of the day

  • Flor

    Cu Brown picioarele tale prind viata. Da, da, prind viata si sunt libere de prejudecati. Take a brown for your legs!

  • saviana buhlea

    I want to go out, but my legs look all scary.
    I thought they were fine but they are so hairy.
    It’s all right; in no time I take all hair down.
    Luckily I got the new Silk-épil – Braun.

  • saviana buhlea

    I want to go out, but my legs look all scary.
    I thought they were fine but they are so hairy.
    It’s all right; in no time I take all hair down.
    Luckily I got the new Silk-épil – Braun.

  • Fashionette

    Fabulous Braun
    “He” never let’s you down
    Get ur legs ready for town
    With the new BRAUN!

    Ar fi cadoul perfect de ziua mea, mai ales ca atunci se incheie si giveaway-ul!

    Va pup,

  • Anonymous

    “Once you go Braun,you never go back,
    For perfect and fabulous legs,
    BRAUN is the new black!”

    Fabulous kisses!

  • Andreea

    Never give up on your dressing
    Due to the new legs’ blessing
    Braun is making you all dashing
    Now you are perfectly amazing

  • Laura C.

    my Brown depilated legs –
    like autumn naked trees
    and silky blossum skin

    lll555xyz@yahoo. com

  • Descude

    Braun te epileaza
    De par te salveaza
    Cu picioare fine
    Defilezi in fuste fine!

  • Anonymous

    Mi-as dori f mult acest epilator, ar fi un cadou la care visez de mult….Apreciez mult produsele Braun, dar nu cu greu pot strange banii necesari pt o astfel de bijuterie….Poate acum voi avea noroc!

  • DeeaElla

    Red lips!
    Little black dress!
    Diamond earring!
    He looks at her…
    That music!
    Those legs!
    He touches her…
    She smiles!
    She laughs!
    And tells…
    It’s Braun!

  • Raluca

    Mainile tale masculine, divine
    Se plimbă pe picioarele mele fine
    Și vocea ta mă-ntreabă din nou
    Cum reușesc să te surprind mereu.
    Caci așa picioare fine
    Nu ai mai intâlnit la nimeni
    Și replica mea o stie deja mintea ta:
    Cu noul Braun Silk- epil Wet&Dry am cele mai fabuloase picioare din lume și fac pariu că folosindu-l orice femeie poate să fie ca mine…!


  • Dumitrescu Nicoleta Iulia

    long legs, short legs
    skinny legs, chubby legs,
    my legs, your legs
    all absolutely fabulous legs
    ….with the new Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry

  • iuliana

    start on legs
    up to sun
    down with Braun!

  • Bianca Roxana

    My life, my legs, my fault!
    In there can be just one, my friends: just Braun or nothing, nothing else!

  • Anca Stefan

    Orice fata isi doreste
    Picioare ca de poveste
    Lungi,subtiri,ca de matase
    Braun Silk Epil le coase!:)

  • Nicoleta

    Once you go Braun,you never go back,
    For perfect and fabulous legs,
    BRAUN is the new black!

    Fabulous kisses!

  • Ivona

    Perfect legs you say?
    Braun is the secret, I tell.


  • Anonymous

    A female legs
    A tool for seduction
    Braun-Silk-epil, wet and dry
    A perfect story line.

  • Alexandra

    Inspiring muse and fabulous queen,
    Don’t whisper the secret to win!
    With grace and perfect legs you rule the town,
    Don’t tell us! We all know it’s a Braun…

  • Anonymous

    Braun. Hold it tight. Your best footjob companion.

  • Anonymous

    If you want your legs to feel wow, just choose Braun!

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m fabulous even if I don’t wear make up or my hair looks fluffy :)) but with Brown, my legs look perfect ๐Ÿ˜€ and that’s exactely what I need from a epilator!


  • Lavinia

    De vrei picioare catifelate
    Doar de Braun sunt rasfatate

    De vrei picioare ingrijite
    Doar de Braun sunt ocrotite

    De vrei picioare fine,
    Doar cu Braun le poti obtine!

  • Dana

    Legs are fabulous and shine
    With the new Braun style
    My legs with feel the same way too
    With the gift received from you.


  • nadia candrea

    As long as BRAUN exists
    I don’t have to fear!
    I’ll have the sexiest legs
    so, why don’t you come near?!
    :-* Alina, Diana.

  • Second Love

    Look at your legs
    Hair is unwanted
    Don’t fell blue
    Braun will help you

  • Monica

    If you want to wear a dress
    Then you need awesome legs
    You know what you have to do
    Go and use a Braun.

    A fost o cerinta tare grea, cred ca mai repede as fi rezolvat o problema de matematica! :))

  • Campean Maria

    In the rays of shining sun
    She’s the goddess of the fun
    Fresh, tanned and sliky skin
    Just as fab as gold sequin.
    BRAUN is all she’s got to use
    To get legs of an endless muse.

    Campean Maria

  • Anca M.

    Always feel like a queen
    If you legs are soft and shiny
    Thanks to Braun Silk-epil

  • Anca M.

    PS: Forgot the email adress ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Our usually legs become awesome with a simple touch from our best friend Braun silk-epil

  • Claudia

    Legs and Braun just go together!

  • Cristina T

    Sculptured legs she wore,
    Nohow in need of protection
    Such that leave you wanting more,
    Such that scream of BRAUN perfection!

  • Alexandra Lupu

    N-as putea trai fara epilator, asa ca pentru mine Braun silk epil 7 este cel mai necesar accesoriu pentru niste picioare frumoase si perfecte!
    O zi perfecta, Alexandra!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have super smooth legs and I think the perfect solution for this will be the wonderful miracle called Braun :).

    My email:

  • Lidia

    I can feel my legs,
    Fighting the urge:
    Speaking to me, reaching out,
    Saying this is the time:
    Use Braun silk-epil!

  • 1hardcoremind



  • Mihaela

    In love again…the starts were right,
    Go, rush prepare for tonight!
    Choose Braun, as suits you, wet or dray
    The smoother legs, the thinner the ice!

  • Cimpanu Anca

    Braun inseamna calitate si asta o poti dovedi printr-o simpla intrebare : cu ce iti mentii frumoase si catifelate picioarele ? Cred ca fiecare dintre noi are cate un epilator Braun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • andreea xmas

    Soft fabulous legs,
    The envy of all,
    The Braun wet & dry
    Is just to die for.

  • Violeta Maria

    Cand de Braun te servesti,
    Cu parul nu te mai enervezi,
    Tu ramai cu picioare fine
    Oare cine e “de vina”?!

  • Camelia5

    When I’m in fire
    BRAUN is my desire
    My LEGS become as silk
    More fast than I think!

  • Maria - W

    Femeie daca esti,
    Picioare fine iti doresti.
    Numai Braun te poate ajuta,
    De par a scapa! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rusu

    Mamma mia, she’s got legs!
    Every man will turn his face –
    The walking beauty comes to town
    And Braun is her secret crown.

  • Rusu

    Mamma mia, she’s got legs!
    Every man will turn his face –
    The walking beauty comes to town
    And Braun is her secret crown.

  • Macy

    Picioare frumoase as avea
    Daca un epilator Braun as avea
    Iar vara rochite dragute as purta
    Si de durere cu asiguranta as scapa!

  • Dia

    My hair is brown
    My eyes are brown
    …my epilator isn’t.

    My old one’s broken,
    So I frown
    I look like
    A hairy clown.

    When I look down
    My legs are crying:
    “Win that Braun
    Or you’ll be dying!

    Get rid of hair removal pain
    And wear skirts, stop being plain!
    We want to be smooth, fine legs
    Not covered in hairy webs!”

    They cry out loud
    I want them silent.
    I will stop now
    …I have no talent.


  • Dana

    “Bring us a gift, mommy!
    Rock our world”, they said…
    Anxious and alive, my two legs, in bed.
    Used to pamper them, I promised “the crown”:
    “No worries, my darlings, I’ll bring you a Braun!”

  • Stefania Mihai

    Smooth legs are cool, you just need your very own Braun Silkepil 7!
    fb: Stefania Mihai

  • 1hardcoremind

    Buna Unde s-a afisat castigatorul braun silk-epil? ๐Ÿ™‚ Amelia

  • Laura

    Ati ales castigatoarea?

  • Dia

    ….nu pot sa cred!!!! O, ce mare bucurie mi-ai facut ๐Ÿ˜€ poimaine e ziua mea, nici ca se putea cadou mai fain si mai util! Sunt lesinata de fericire :)) multumeeeeesc!!

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