Reasons to love your job

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We are absolutely sure that you all know that we are not only bloggers and if you don’t know it yet, we think it’s time to find the ‘news’. Since our schedule is the most diverse ever some would say maybe it is too much (like our mothers for example). We have the PR&events agency, we do fashion PR and organize events, we do styling and personal shopping and we write for various magazines and websites. Well yes, it might be too much sometimes, and we might feel exhausted, but guess what?! We love our job and we feel pretty lucky. Why? Here you have a full list of best reasons ever to love our job…

– we don’t have to wake up early in the morning ( by early we mean 6am. don’t envy us too much, coz we wake up at 8 sharp)

– we can work from coffee shops or restaurants . Or any place in the city that has wi fi (if we have a lucky day and we don’t have too many tasks to solve during that day)

– we don’t need to go to the office every day ( we get bored easily and we need new places for inspiration)

– we can leave town whenever we want (we wrote it, but now that we read the text we’re not so sure about this)

– we can shop every day if we want at any hour (if it’s for clients of course. for us is only a dream to go shopping anytime)

– we can borrow clothes and accesories (it’s the most common habit in the field all over the world, the PR&Marketing offices are pretty happy when we do it)

– we receive invites to events ( even if lately we don’t have too much time to attend all of them)

– we have friends all over the world and we are in contact with many people (thank God we are PR people and we have communication skills)

– we have created the perfect job, where we are each other’s boss (actually we are more like family, so hard to be bossy one to another)

– we can work even if we go on holiday, because we love our job and we never say no to fab projects, proposals and people

And since we talk about reasons we love our job we cannot forget about the wonderful fact that we see almost every collection and hot item of the season and we find all the hot news in avanpremiere.

And since H&M is one of our partners we cannot help but wonder if you’ve noticed how much it influenced the street style in Bucharest. More stylish women, more cool men and more ‘wanna have right now’ outfits. And because we talk about news…Are you ready for the new H&M store opening? Plan a walk in the Old Center…SOON!


Foto: Virgil Hritcu
Hair by Alina Cotta
Blonde: Salar Milano Bag, H&M Jacket, Stefanel Fur Cap, Lulu Frost Necklace, Zara Sweater, Vintage Skirt, Musette Boots
Brunette: Greymer Boots, H&M Jacket&Bag, Asos Skirt, JCREW Necklace, Zara Top


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