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Romanian women are beautiful. Yes, you are. We are. It’s a fact so well-known that it has become a cliché. But what is it exactly that makes us so fabulous?

Walking down the streets of Romanian cities, you see blondes, brunettes and redheads. Blue-eyed and green-eyed. Fair complexion, dark complexion. A unique mix of colors and influences (and that’s without even mentioning the crazy variety of clothes or accessories you’ll see). Romanian beauty is diverse and we are so glad that someone decided to talk about this and take the investigation one step further: Povestea frumusetii tale (The Story of Your Beauty) is a project by L’Oreal Paris meant to prove that we are a mix of global influences.

How? Through DNA tests meant to discover our deepest origins, our ancestry composition. We were excited and intrigued when we were invited to take the DNA tests: we “donated” a small sample of saliva and sent the plastic tube to a lab in the States. After 6 weeks of intense waiting – we were beginning to make bets between ourselves about our origins – our stories were revealed.

Alina: I am a powerful mix of Asian and Oriental influences, with a touch of German, French and North European. Now I understand my wonderful chemistry with Asian fashion (and food) and of course, my great love, Paris. Fashion is in my DNA and now it has been proven.

Diana: I share the Asian and Northern European influences, but my Italian ancestry is much stronger. Which brings back all my déjà vu moments I had in Milan: the love for their high end fashion, and, indeed, for the guiltiest pleasure of them all: Italian food.

Each one of us is unique, so the challenge is how to find the right outfit, accessories and, of course, the right foundation. And here’s a cool trick: the results of the test also came with a helpful “diagnosis”: each one of us received the matching shade from Accord Parfait, the foundation that adapts to any skin tone in the world – R3 Beige Rose for Alina and D3 Beige Dore for Diana.

Romanian women are very beautiful, but they are also very different. We are glad to celebrate the diversity of Romanian beauty with the No. 1* foundation in the world.

You can also find out the Story of Your Beauty: keep an eye on and see how you can win your own DNA kit and the matching shade of foundation. Details will be posted soon!

*Retail panels, face make-up market, in 27 countries, value and volume sales. YTD October 2012

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