Hit the road again

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Between meetings and a shoot for a client, while wearing our new fabulous hats we’ve met a friend for a coffee, we took some photos, we had some fun and in the end we realized we have to go back to the office immediately to set all the things up! Why? When we’ve finally gotten used to being back home, sleeping in the same bed and doing all the cute domestic things with our boyfriends, we realized we should start packing. After two months of spending quality time with friends&family, after two months of projects in Bucharest, we are leaving again. And we get hysterical, happy&excited when we think about this new trip.

Just stay tuned to find more about our journey.


Foto: Horia Stan
Blonde: H&M Fur Coat, H&M Skirt, Lulu Frost Necklace, Salar Milano Bag, Zara Boots, Kristina Dragomir Hat
Brunette: H&M Fur Jacket, Margiela Coat, H&M Sweater&Pants, Balenciaga Shoes, JCREW Necklace, Lancel Bag, Kristina Dragomir Hat


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