Louis Vuitton Secret Places

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When we were just two teenagers we were only dreaming about what we are doing today, about the perfect job, about working in fashion industry, about being creative, about being appreciated and about all the amazing projects we develop everyday. As you already know, Paris is our second hometown and it gave us all the keys to what we are today. Last week in the heart of Paris we received the most extraordinary key to one of the most exquisite stories ever. It’s not Christmas yet, but we’ve already received our present. An exclusive Louis Vuitton experience only for us. The story of our incredible journey started in Asnières-sur-Seine…

Not far from Paris, on Rue Louis Vuitton, where we discovered the magnificent Maison de Famille where the genius established his atelier in 1859 and later in the 1982 his house.

While having a tasty cup of tea and a butter croissant we have listened to the incredible history of Vuitton family. Everything seemed like a fairy tale. Leaves shaped furniture, embroidered walls and windows, a blue ceramic fireplace, floral motifs, Art Deco accents – a sun-drenched living room just perfect for breakfast. A dream came true! The house where his son, George Vuitton, lived and invented the so well-known LV logo is now a fabulous museum where you can meet from time to time one of the members of the 5th Vuitton generation, Patrick-Louis Vuitton.

After the first hour spent in this fairytale place we understood that every single person working for Vuitton is part of this family and that everyone has an important role in this big machinery called Louis Vuitton.

But the surprise came when we visited the workshop, when we met the craftsmen and their ‘I’m happy to be part of this family’ glimpse, when we discovered all the production steps and when we finally understood the values and the tradition of this brand.

More than a place, Asnières is a symbol, an absolute link between the past, the pres-ent and the future… the sum of all that enhances Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and spirit of elegant travel. A sense of tradition combined with absolute innovation, serving perfection and the representation of desire. Asnières, where straps, lozines, rivets and handles master fully identifies the art of the trunk maker and packer. Craftsmanship carried to extremes, adapting naturally to the changing times, both witness and escort to history in movement

After this journey, it would take volumes to cover the entire Louis Vuitton Experience, but we prefer to compile just a definition. A dream. An Icon. A masterpiece. Each LV product is theembodiment exceptional craftsmanship. From the famous Monogram pattern to the astonishing LV diamond cut, the Maison enchants with its creations and invites us to a journey through a world of luxury and excellence: the world of Louis Vuitton’s savoire-faire.

Stay tuned to find more about our Louis Vuitton Experience and check our instagram accounts to see more photos: fabmuse_diana & fabmuse_alina.

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