{My Love is Absolutely Fabulous}

valentines day tshirt my lovabsolutely fabulous

Are you more like Marilyn Monroe or more like Audrey Hepburn? If you need some answers take this quiz. No matter whether you have a Marilyn or an Audrey personality chose to show your love on Valentine’s Day and wear an Absolutely Fabulous T-shirt. Today we launch a new one {My Love is Absolutely Fabulous} and we dedicate it, obviously, to LOVE. You can order it HERE! Get ready for 14th February and have a little fun!

Foto: Eduard Mariut 
Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu Make-up: Betty 
Wearing: Absolutely Fabulous T-shirts, H&M stripes Skirt, Zara Skirt&Red Shoes,Escada&Kenneth Jane Lane Bracelets, Kristina Dragomir Hats, Borealy Pink Earrings




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