A Paris Tale

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Every time we go back to Paris we remember our first visit together to the city of lights. Five years ago, two young and enthusiastic girls decided to discover every little secret of this city and since they didn’t have enough time to discover the most important treasure, the fashion industry, they decided to get back.  It is not what Paris gave to us but what it did not take from us, that was important, and that is our partnership. Most of you probably do not know our shy beginnings when we first stepped into the Fashion Week ‘world’…

Back then we didn’t get much – after only one experience, we’ve just been surpised to find ourselves in the pages of many world wide fashion magazines and to learn more about the blogging industry from well known editors and bloggers.

But since then we dedicated more time to our website and we developed what we proudly call right now our baby – www.fabulousmuses.net. Paris Fashion Week became one of our most expected events of the year, and since we started to see it as part of our job, we developed our activities during Milan and New York Fashion Week too, but as you expected Paris was and still is our favorite city no matter when we visit it, because no other city has the mysterious charm and the irresistible sceneries of Paris.

No matter what happened during the last 4 years, we always had and we will always have Paris. It is like a lifelong partnership promise.




Wearing : Eugenia Enciu Coat, Maria Lucia Hohan Dress, Sophie Webster Boots, DVF Bag

(Alina) / Kristina Dragomir Hat, Marsay Suit, Saint Laurent Sneakers, Louis Vuitton Clutch, Patrizia Pepe Fur Vest (Diana)

PS. Another reason to love Paris? In our 1 min way from Grand Palais to Pont Alexandre III we met the fabulous Patrick Demarchelier and one of the most amazing bloggers, Nicole, from www.garypeppergirl.com How awesome is this?


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  • Katarzyna Gorlej

    OMG! You’re so creative girls!
    Looks like a milion dollars chicks!


  • Daniela

    Oh la la la! J’adoreeee. <3 <3 <3

  • Macnetize

    Thanks for sharing beautiful landscapes, wonderful stories and perfect outfits from this beautiful city!

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